Introducing BREEZE BLOc’s first fabulous guest DJ

Serving up the freshest New York style beats

Meet Christy Love ! 


Label Boss for Get Up Recordings, and a superb DJ who has been slaying NYC dance floors and beyond for more than two decades. 

I have been lucky enough to have worked alongside Christy after Get Up Recordings released my 1st E.P ‘Bugged’ in 2015.

I caught up with Christy to hear about her plans for 2016 and to see what’s going down over the pond :)


So New York has a pretty legendary club scene: what are your favourite venues / events and who is rocking NYC for you at the moment?

My favorite venue at the moment is Output. I've been doing a monthly party there in the main room since December with my NYC family: Michael Magnan, The Carry Nation (Will Automagic and Nita Aviance) and my label partner, W. Jeremy. We've all been rocking NYC for a while. I also love playing in the basement at Ladyfag's 11:11 at Open House. Michael Magnan is the resident there and it's my home away from home. The Carry Nation parties and Ladyfag's Shade parties are usually one-offs held in secret warehouses in Brooklyn and are true NYC underground MAGIC.

DJ bucket list : 3 clubs that you would love to play at:

 1. Panorama Bar, Berlin 2. Fabric, London 3. Womb, Tokyo I'm always down to play the clubs and these would be awesome to play at, but I usually prefer rawer venues and underground parties. Guess that's the old raver in me.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Cajmere. He is one of the reasons I became a DJ. When I play, people usually assume I'm from Chicago because of the influence he's had on me. I've known him for years and played with him, but never had the chance to collaborate with him. That has definitely been on my bucket list for a while...

Tell us about your studio setup. . .

My label partner and roommate, Jeremy and I use an iMac 27" with Logic Pro 9 and Waves Gold for production, along with a plethora of other Logic plugins. We have KRK monitors and various keyboards and synths. We also have a custom DJ booth with Pioneer CDJs and Technics 1200 MKII's.

Annnnd finally, what are your plans for 2016 ? Any standout gigs or releases ?

2016 has already been super busy. My label, Get Up Recordings will put out its 50th release next month, which is unreal (50 releases in 5 years). March was a month of anniversaries for me - Jeremy and I have now been working together for 10 years and I also celebrated my Sweet 16 of living in NYC. I have a new release called "Flashback" coming out on the 28th of this month, too. March has totally rocked and I hope that's every indication of what the rest of the year holds for me!

Kicking off our 1st Guest Mix feature with this banger of a mix. . 

Check it !